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Brendan Delumpa catches up with the freaks:

Nice article on circus freak via brendan delumpa and his well known guitar gear blog check it out here! Full Article: Introducing Circus Freak Music: Pedals and Much More In Store November 24, 2012 by GoofyDawg In the U.S.,  we

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Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Pedal – Demo and Tone Guide

Audio demo of the Original Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Pedal – Full germanium transistor circuit produces gentle clipping fuzz tones from subtle fuzz to massive deep muff. The Bearded Lady is ideal for the player who desires the tonal qualities

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The Tattooed Lady Overdrive Pedal – Demo and Tone Guide

Audio Demo with The Tattooed Lady – a superbly balanced overdrive pedal. Features independent bass and treble controls to help shape your tone when applied with the gain control. The tattooed lady is capable of heavy crunch tones and as

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The Lion Tamer Compressor Pedal – Demo and Tone Guide

Incredibly versatile compressor with excellent low-end preservation. Three knob configuration allows easy control of compression ratio, attack, and sustain duration without unnecessarily complicated signal robbing designs. This compressor is excellent for subtle limiting to highly compressed, aggressive attack tones with

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