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Great Article on Circus Freak via Recoil Magazine

Thanks to Recoil Magazine and Ryan Cunningham for this in-depth article on Circus Freak! Boutique Equipment – Circus Freak Stomp Boxes

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Truth in Shredding Guitar Blog Shout Out!

A nice shout from Truth in Shredding Guitar Blog. Thanks Laurie! Truth in Shredding – News: Announcing Circus Freak Stomp Boxes!

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The Pickled Punk Distortion Pedal – Demo and Tone Guide

The Pickled Punk is a full-on distortion pedal great for 80s-90s style higher gain tones. Separate volume, distortion, and tone controls give wide control over the signal. Crank the levels to get modern, almost processed-like tones. Dial it back to

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Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Review on

Original Post: New Gear: Circus Freak Bearded Lady Fuzz November 26, 2012 by GoofyDawg From the brand-spankin’-new Circus Freak Music is their latest pedal release, the Bearded Lady Fuzz. Give it a listen… Personally, I’ve never been much of

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