Brendan Delumpa catches up with the freaks:

Nice article on circus freak via brendan delumpa and his well known guitar gear blog check it out here!

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Introducing Circus Freak Music: Pedals and Much More In Store
November 24, 2012 by GoofyDawg

In the U.S.,  we pride ourselves on the term “American ingenuity” which points to the adventurous spirit of the people in our country. Of course, that’s an over-generalized statement… Internationally, I’ve witnessed first-hand the conceit that that statement brings with it. But we won’t go there. But in any country, there are those who dare to risk and those who dare not. Being somewhat of a risk-taker myself, I have a sublime appreciation for those who dare, and the brand-new-not-yet-even-officially-released outfit of Circus Freak Music has definitely piqued my interest.

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