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Original Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Effect Pedal, rear view – Circus Freak MusicOriginal Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Effect Pedal, side view – Circus Freak Music

The Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone Pedal


Primary Effect:
Fuzz Tone

Key Features:
NOS Military Spec. Germanium Transistor Circuitry
3 Stage Gain Structure
External Bias Adjustment
“Soft touch” relay switching
True Bypass
18v capability

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Product Description

Tonal Description:
Full germanium transistor circuit produces gentle clipping fuzz tones from subtle fuzz to massive deep muff. The Bearded Lady is ideal for the player who desires the tonal qualities of a straight germanium based fuzz effect with the added versatility of external biasing. Most likely the last fuzz you will ever need… she’s hairy in a good way.

All of our pedals are backed by the Circus Freak Music lifetime warranty, and are designed, assembled and tested in Grand Rapids, MI USA and stamped with a unique serial number.

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Additional Information

Weight .600 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 x 3.6 x 2.8 in
Knob Controls

Volume: Output Volume Level Adjustment Tone: Treble/Bass Ratio Control Fuzz: Controls Amount Of Fuzz Effect Bias: Adjusts Tonal Characteristics Of Fuzz Effect

Input/Output Jacks

Enter: ¼” Mono Instrument Input Exit: ¼” Mono Output 9V: Center Pin Negative Input


On-Off: Latching Full Bypass


LED: 5mm 605nm Orange


Hook & Loop Pad Anti-skid Rubber Feet Circus Freak™ Rail Mount


Extruded and Die Cast Aluminum Stainless Steel Hardware


The Bearded Lady was, and to some extent still is, a popular sideshow act. Usually caused by hormonal imbalances resulting in excess androgen or rare genetic disorders, bearded ladies were rare and sought after in early circus sideshows. When a true “bearded lady” was unavailable, many circuses gaffed the act by applying a fake beard over a voluptuous woman creating for the male audience a bit of a strange dichotomy – beautiful female body with a manlike beard!


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