About Circus Freak

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What We Do

Manufacture Premier Guitar & Keyboard Processing Effects Pedals

Our Goal

To make every musician sound their absolute best by offering gear that is affordable, dependable, and timeless.

Company Overview

Circus Freak Music manufactures high quality instrument effects processing equipment for musicians worldwide. By utilizing period accurate electronics with modern reliability, Circus Freak is able to bring classic and modern tones to musicians in a reliable fashion.

Product Line

Analog Effects Pedals
Digital/Analog Effects Pedals
Germanium Based Effects Pedals
Solderless Patch Cables
Pro Musician Accessories
Pro Line Buffers


We at Circus Freak believe that less is more! Effects pedals don’t have to cost hundreds to sound superb, nor should they have a bunch of sampled patches of popular artists. We believe everybody deserves the tools to create a tone unique to themselves. We strive to produce pedals with tons of versatility to help YOU be unique! We also understand that reliability is top priority. In many cases your livelihood depends on the durability of our gear. We won’t let you down. In fact, we guarantee it for life!