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New Gear: Circus Freak Bearded Lady Fuzz
November 26, 2012 by GoofyDawg

From the brand-spankin’-new Circus Freak Music is their latest pedal release, the Bearded Lady Fuzz. Give it a listen…

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fuzz guy myself, but at 2.04 in the clip, that tone was something that I’ve never been able to get. I just love that percussive type of tone! But I was also digging that totally squishy tone, and started thinking that I could use squished, square-wave sounds like that as background. Really need to check this out…

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous article, look for a release time of early-December; specifically, the first week of December.

Now one thing I didn’t mention about my conversation with the Circus Freak guys was on the topic of the name of the company. The explanation they gave was very cool: Just like a real circus freak, they wanted their pedals to be memorable; not just from the perspective of tone, but of looks as well. Look at that enclosure! The graphics are distinct, but the shape of the box is totally memorable! They also fabricate their own knobs! A LOT of thought went into creating this pedals, and I totally applaud what they’re doing!

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