Circus Freak brings home the Gold!

Circus Freak brings home the Gold for product/packaging design! And yes, they sound as good as they look!

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Some love from Grand Rapids music legend Ned Quick on our Tattooed Lady Overdrive!

“…I love this box…and I’ve had a bunch of overdrives and distortion pedals to compare it to. The Tattooed Lady has super clean pass through, runs from a slight snicker to a full on asphalt rippin’ drive distort and all the rumble and groan in between you might want or feel necessary to suit your attack.

Yeah, the thing even makes chords sound fuller as it seems to define the sound of the parts and make my sloppy playing sound, well, more ‘perfessional’. The separate bass and treble controls are full range and make finding ‘the sound’ in my dense head so much easier than trying to tweek, nudge and urge an overall single ‘tone’ control.

My ’66 Fender Pro has always been hard to get that hard sweet sound without hitting volumes my neighbors three houses down complained about and now I can find it all along the volume range (without using the other three distortion and overdrive pedals I had chained before).

The packaging is super too, great box, hot lady and ya even get a velvet bag to put picks and small gig paraphernalia into after you mount the box into your effects rig. 9 1/2 stars.”

- Ned Quick, CheezTones (since forever)

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Circus Freak Music on

Read the press release here.

Circus Freak Music Announces New Pedal Line
Press Release
Circus Freak Music announce the launch of their first four pedals to tone freaks worldwide: The Bearded Lady Fuzztone, The Lion Tamer Compressor, The Pickled Punk Distortion and the Tattooed Lady Overdrive.

Read more:

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Thanks to the Hey Rube Circus for the nice article on our Circus Freaks!

Thanks to the Hey Rube Circus for the nice article on our Circus Freaks!

Circus Freak – New Line of Effects Pedals

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Circus Freak Lurking at NAMM Next Week!

We’ll be hanging out during the NAMM show next week, so if you want to hook up and chat, hit us up!

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Ask the Freaks – A Question on Compression (the Lion Tamer)

Occasionally we get questions from musicians to the site. Here’s one from “Tim”:


“…I was talking with (someone) today and he suggested I check out your stomp boxes, in particular your compression pedal. I am in need of a compressor and also looking for a Reverb/Effects Processor solution. I play guitar both acoustic and electric and have a home studio but will be playing out in the world on a infrequent basis. My question to you is what would you think the pros and cons of either solution… Racked vs stomp box besides the obvious such as ease of transport etc. Really up in the air on what way I should take, or hell maybe get them all right? LOL

Amy advise would really be appreciated. OH and I love the look of your stop boxes and your Brand kick ass !!”

Freak Answer:

Hi Tim-

Thx for the nice words & compliments…

Well, there’s lots of different ways you could go with this scenario (including the “I’ll take one of each” mindset), but when it comes right down to it, trust your own ears. If you like what a particular stomp box or rack mount piece of gear does for your sound, then run with it. That being said, there’s something about a “conventional” set up that definitely makes life easier, be it gigging or in the studio.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t afraid to dive into LCD menus on a rackmount piece in order to tweak your presets into submission, then using rackmounted gear in a live situation will allow you to cover a lot of ground sonically. However, depending on what you’re using, trying to marry “line level” pieces (unity gain to +4db) to instrument level gear (usually -20db) can sometimes be a challenge.

I’ve done this a multiple number of ways, but as I’ve gotten older (i.e., lazier), I find having a dedicated live rig & a separate studio setup to be the most ideal. I’ve got an old Yamaha analog rackmount delay that I love the sound of, and as many times as I’ve tried to incorporate it into my rig, it was always too cumbersome. So after much experimentation, I was able to find a happy compromise with a conventional stomp box (a EH Deluxe Memory Man). Keeping the rigs separate means I don’t have to rewire anything, saving me the time I need to be creative, and not get mired down in another “tech type” job.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself:

1. Can I live without the sound of this rackmount piece in my pedalboard setup, or do I want I want to try & shoehorn this piece into my live rig?

2. If my huge rig (let’s say, a combination of of a traditional pedalboard rig & some rackmount gear) takes a dump on me in a live situation, how easy is it to troubleshoot?

3. How many trips do I *really* want to make in & out of a venue to haul all my gear? And do I really want to have to get to a gig earlier than usual to patch all this stuff together?

Nothing against rackmount gear vs traditional- I’ve done either, and both, many times over the years. And while I’m currently using a rather sizable array of stompboxes in my current rig, it’s still easier to troubleshoot if need be than it would if I were also using outboard gear in the mix.

Hope this helps, and isn’t too much of a “ramble”. Thx for the question, Tim…

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Review: Tattooed Lady Overdrive by!

Huge thanks to Brendan at for some very nice words about our Tattooed Lady Overdrive pedal!

The Tattooed Lady Overdrive Review

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Thanks for the Lion Tamer Listing!

Thanks to for the Lion Tamer Compressor listing!

Circus Freak Music The Lion Tamer – Compressor

More info at

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Thanks Audiofanzine for the shout out!

Thanks to Audiofanzine for the shout out on Circus Freak (Merci Fanzine Audio de nous donner un peu d’amour)!

Circus Freak Music made ​​its debut on track

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Great Article on Circus Freak via Recoil Magazine

Thanks to Recoil Magazine and Ryan Cunningham for this in-depth article on Circus Freak!

Boutique Equipment – Circus Freak Stomp Boxes

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