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Premier Guitar Review our Pickled Punk Distortion!

Read the Premier Guitar review here here. “The Verdict – The Pickled Punk’s tough enclosure, simple and forgiving performance, and mammoth tone make it a force to be reckoned with, yet it’s still very musical. Even the most basic distortion

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Sneak Peak at The Juggler Delay!

Check out the artwork for the soon to be released Juggler Delay from Circus Freak. Click and download the the limited edition artwork poster here!

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Ask the Freaks – A Question on Compression (the Lion Tamer)

Occasionally we get questions from musicians to the site. Here’s one from “Tim”: Question: “…I was talking with (someone) today and he suggested I check out your stomp boxes, in particular your compression pedal. I am in need of a

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Review: Tattooed Lady Overdrive by!

Huge thanks to Brendan at for some very nice words about our Tattooed Lady Overdrive pedal! The Tattooed Lady Overdrive Review

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Thanks for the Lion Tamer Listing!

Thanks to for the Lion Tamer Compressor listing! Circus Freak Music The Lion Tamer – Compressor More info at

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