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Original Pickled Punk Distortion Pedal, side view – Circus Freak MusicOriginal Pickled Punk Distortion Pedal, rear view – Circus Freak Music

The Pickled Punk Distortion Pedal


Primary Effect:

Key Features:
• High Gain Circuitry
• Great Vintage & Modern Distortion Tones
• “Soft touch” relay switching
• True Bypass
• 18v capability

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Product Description

Tonal Description:
The Pickled Punk is a full-on distortion pedal great for 80s-90s style higher gain tones. Separate volume, distortion, and tone controls give wide control over the signal. Crank the levels to get modern, almost processed-like tones. Dial it back to get crunchy overdrive-like tones. It’s pickled, not puckered!

All of our pedals are backed by the Circus Freak Music lifetime warranty, and are designed, assembled and tested in Grand Rapids, MI USA and stamped with a unique serial number.

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Additional Information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 x 3.6 x 2.8 in
Knob Controls

Volume: Output Volume Level Adjustment Tone: Treble/Bass Ratio Control Distortion: Controls The Amount Distortion Effect

Input/Output Jacks

Enter: ¼” Mono Instrument Input Exit: ¼” Mono Output 9V: Center Pin Negative Input


On-Off: Latching Full Bypass


LED: 5mm 605nm Orange


Hook & Loop Pad Anti-skid Rubber Feet Circus Freak™ Rail Mount


Extruded and Die Cast Aluminum Stainless Steel Hardware


Pickled Punks are the preserving and displaying of stillbirths usually in a clear jar
of embalming fluids. The practice is centuries old. King Frederick III of Denmark
had a personal collection of punks numbering in the thousands. Ulisse Aldrovandi,
an Italian naturalist, had a collection consisting of eighteen thousand various specimens.

Pickled punks became most popular during the golden age of sideshows and
experienced a huge revival in the 1950s and 1960s. Several sideshows featured
extensive punk displays – some authentic and others faked or gaffed. During the
1970’s, laws began to restrict the display of human remains. Laws from state to
state often varied adding to the confusion. Though still technically legal in several
states, the Pickled Punk sideshow is now all but preserved in the history books.



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