Some love from Grand Rapids music legend Ned Quick on our Tattooed Lady Overdrive!

“…I love this box…and I’ve had a bunch of overdrives and distortion pedals to compare it to. The Tattooed Lady has super clean pass through, runs fromĀ a slight snicker to a full on asphalt rippin’ drive distort and all the rumble and groan in between you might want or feel necessary to suit your attack.

Yeah, the thing even makes chords sound fuller as it seems to define the sound of the parts and make my sloppy playing sound, well, more ‘perfessional’. The separate bass and treble controls are full range and make finding ‘the sound’ in my dense head so much easier than trying to tweek, nudge and urge an overall single ‘tone’ control.

My ’66 Fender Pro has always been hard to get that hard sweet sound without hitting volumes my neighbors three houses down complained about and now I can find it all along the volume range (without using the other three distortion and overdrive pedals I had chained before).

The packaging is super too, great box, hot lady and ya even get a velvet bag to put picks and small gig paraphernalia into after you mount the box into your effects rig. 9 1/2 stars.”

- Ned Quick, CheezTones (since forever)

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